Five tropical paradises you need to visit

As the warmer summer weather begins to reawaken your desire for sun, sand, and sea, it is inevitable that – like us – you will soon find yourself lost in daydreams of tropical escapes. But with there being so many exquisite variations of sun-kissed paradise to choose from across the globe, to give you a guiding hand we have explored some outstandingly blissful destinations that you ought to visit. Get your passport at the ready…











Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

A world heritage site due to its rich flora, marine life including dolphins and sea turtles adorning island shores, and the fact that it is a breeding ground for seabirds such as the albatross, Fernando de Noronha consists of 21 islands which span across the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. The bulk of these islands are in fact the visible peaks of a mountain range submerged beneath the ocean, adding to the intrigue surrounding the location’s sheer beauty. This is a paradise for the explorers!






Praslin Island, Seychelles 

Emanating exquisite rugged beauty, the Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island is one of the most idyllic beaches to be found within the stretch of tropical islands – known as the Seychelles – in the Indian Ocean. Visited for shelter and as a hideaway for pirates hundreds of years ago, Praslin Island is now home to tropical birds and the occasional tourist seeking tranquility. A large section of the island is now a National Park, with the entire island being protected due to the breeding birds that it homes.






Lindos, Greece

Situated on the Greek island of Rhodes, Lindos is famed for both its natural beauty and also as an archaeological heritage site. Situated in a large bay, the town holds the crumbling ruins of an acropolis which rises high above the town: the oceanic views from the top are truly breath-taking. Offering both serenity, unbelievably coloured shores and rich heritage, Rhodes has a lot to offer the paradise-seeker.






Boracay Island, Philippines

Located in the Philippines, Boracay Island offers pristine white sand beaches contrasted by vivid, deep blue oceans. At certain times of the year these beaches are totally free from any wind, meaning that the ocean becomes a glassy, tranquil sheet of smooth, crystal clear water. Perfect for those who enjoy the appeal of a classic beach paradise, visitors can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and blissfully undisturbed relaxation.






Sardinia, Italy

Contrasting alpine-like forests and mountains with dazzling beaches of white sand and azure oceans, the Island of Sardinia is situated off the coast of Italy. Rich in historical ruins and embellished with Italian culture, the island is ideal for those seeking opportunities to hike, experience a different culture, explore the ruins past, and take days out to relax on a strikingly beautiful beach.


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