Halloween Cocktail Treats

Ok, so we admit it, we’ve spent days (or even weeks) thinking about our Halloween party costumes and the crazy make-up looks we’re going to create to achieve complete Halloween fabulousness! Trick or treating may be for the children, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t get involved in the scary delights of Halloween.

So with the costume checklist complete, next on the agenda is what tasty treats to serve the guests. Here’s our full rundown of the Halloween cocktails to die for and that will compliment whatever ghoulish goings’ on you have planned this Halloween.

Dracula’s Kiss

The perfect tonic for a haunting Halloween… Dracula’s kiss creates two layers, the first red with Grenadine, the second black with Cola.

Ingredients: 1oz Black Cherry Vodka / 0.5oz Grenadine / Coca Cola / Maraschino cherries as garnish
Method: Coat the bottom of a martini cocktail glass with Grenadine. Add ice and Vodka. Fill with Coca Cola. Garnish with Cherries.

Dracula Kiss

Pumpkin Martini

A favoured cocktail for this time of year, the Pumpkin Martini uses vanilla Vodka with cream and pumpkin liqueur to create a cocktail to truly die for!

Ingredients: 0.5oz of cream liqueur / 2oz of vanilla Vodka / 0.5oz of pumpkin liqueur / 1 tsp of whipped cream (optional) / cinnamon stick as garnish.
Method: Pour the cream liqueur and Vodka into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Add the pumpkin liqueur. Shake again. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with a teaspoon of whipped cream.

pumpkin martini

Now time to sit back and enjoy! Happy Halloween x

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