Prepare to Chill: Get 2015 festival footwear ready

Music festivals: glorious good fun and, when it comes to those based in the UK, notoriously unpredictable weather-wise. Whether you are heading to Creamfields at the end of the month, or are venturing abroad to sample a music festival in a warmer climate, taking the right footwear will keep your feet happy to dance the day (and night) away. So in light of this, we bring you some Ravel festival footwear inspiration…



Festival sandals

For the sunny days…

If the sun decides to make an appearance during the music festival, your feet will soon become hot and swollen if they are trapped inside a pair of plastic wellies. Therefore, a pair of sandals is a sensible and fashionable festival footwear choice, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, since festivals generally take place in fields, stiletto heels are out of the question. Likewise, wearing wedges that are too high could end badly if the ground underfoot is bumpy and you go over on your ankle. Go for flat sandals or those featuring a small platform only. Sandals which feature multiple straps and a buckle are ideal, as these will stay securely on your feet as you dance to your heart’s content.

Get the look:

Ravel Georgia Flat Sandal  |  Ravel Wichita Flat Sandal

Ravel Nebraska Flat Sandal  |  Ravel Missouri Gladiator Sandal




Festival boots

For post light rain showers…

A light shower won’t dampen your spirits at the festival so long as you have a chic pair of ankle boots to keep your feet dry without the unnecessary weight and ‘clunkiness’ of a pair of wellies. Instead, we suggest going for ankle boots which feature flat or chunky heels. With leather being more durable and easier to clean, boots made from this material are also a good call given that festivals can be somewhat grimy.

Get the look:

Ravel Anneka Ankle Boots  |  Ravel Maryland Ankle Boots

Ravel Delaware Ankle Boots  |  Ravel Philomena Ankle Boots  



Whilst optimism is always good, if you are heading to a UK festival this summer, play it safe by taking a sturdy pair of wellies as well: a downpour will result in thick, deep mud. For more festival footwear ideas, check out the range of sandals and boots at Ravel. Need a bit of advice on how to survive a festival in style? Check out our simple guide!

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