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Step Into Summer Shoes with Ravel


When Summer lifts its weary head after a long winter, we all step outside into the sunshine looking forward to the day ahead. Not only is the weather an improvement, you have a whole new wardrobe to wear again! Even better is when you’ve got the perfect summer holiday booked. So shed the layers and grab a pair of these sandals to go with your fresh pedicure this holiday season.

Street-side Sandals

When the sun comes out, be ready for the day with our selection of women’s flat sandals. Accessorise aztec-style with our Ravel Jefferson Embellished Flat Sandals in red or tan leather and go from city to beach with one click of your heel. For the perfect city escape footwear, choose the Ravel Ritzville Flat Sandals in Snake Print. The extra security of the double strap will help you meander through the crowds with ease. When looking for a sandal to go from day to night, this classic look Ravel Moab Flat Sandal in Black Leather combines that all important comfort and style combination. The large buckles paired with the clean cut leather makes for a simple yet bold accessory for all-day pursuits.

Ravel Jefferson Embellished Flat Sandals £50, Ravel Ritzvile Flat Sandal £70, Ravel Moab Flat Sandal £55

The Midi Movers

When spending the summer jet-setting across the world, we understand a little height goes a long way. Leave the sky-highs at home and pair that yellow sundress with the Ravel Rockwall Wedge Sandals in Zebra/Pony Leather. Being bold has never felt more comfortable. With the wedge heel raise and soft leather insert, your feet will carry you from waiting lounge to sun lounger with ease. Take the scenic route in your open top rental and tour the vineyard before dining with a bottle of the local wine in our beautiful Ravel Sherma Block Mid-Heel Sandals in Black Leather. These sandals are made for walking new paths, with a low rise heel and adjustable ankle strap, they’ll support any adventure. Visit the sites and absorb the culture from head to toe in our collaboration Ravel V&A Louise Block Mid-Heel in Red/Floral. As your eyes take in the grandeur of the Italian architecture your feet will make a statement of their own, bringing the 70’s, Ravel and Victoria & Albert together in these unique designs. The soft textile straps, combined with blue trim, boast that kind-to-feet style.

Ravel Rockwall Wedge Sandall £55, Ravel Sherma Block Mid-Heel Sandals £70, Ravel V&A Louise Block Mid-Heel £80

Wistful Heights

When a spontaneous barbecue sends you to your family’s garden, prime your feet in these Ravel Cutler Wedge Sandal in Tan Suede. The wedged platform heel gives the elevated support you need to step from grass to decking without dropping your glass of Pimm’s. Go from sports day spectator to play-date host with these Ravel V&A Beatrice Wedge Sandals in Red/Floral. The wooden wedge heel gives you the height to see over the other supporters, as you watch the egg and spoon race at a safe enough distance from splatters. As the city-side music festival becomes more popular against muddy tented affairs, it is good to know we’ve got the perfect heel for dancing amongst the crowds. The Ravel Gratz Wedge Sandal’s soft leather wrap around ankle strap gives you the freedom to move, whilst keeping you grounded. For more festival footwear, check out our post on the best festival footwear.

Ravel Cutler Wedge Sandal £80, Ravel V&A Beatrice Wedge £95, Ravel Gratz Wedge £75

Party Peepers

It’s cocktail season, so it is your summer duty to check in to the local speakeasy and sip a Gin Rickey with a pair of towering heels. With the central tassels and on trend T-bar strap, the Ravel Cleveland Heeled Pewter Sandals will add a shimmy to your step. Your cousin’s wedding in July can only mean one thing: a brand new outfit! Use this season’s brights to really make a statement, in these Ravel Berkley Heeled Sandals in Fuchsia/Orange. With the bold zig zag trim on the front strap and sharp stiletto heel, you will be sure to stand out. Guess what? It’s the 27th year since the 80’s ended, but it’s having a revival and we think you should wear these Ravel Maryhill Caged Heeled Sandals in Black to the birthday party. These stilettos don’t come with a warning label, but with the slim strapped caged design for support, they won’t need to. Summer safety ladies!

Ravel Cleveland Heeled Pewter Sandals £75, Ravel Berkley Heeled Sandals £85, Ravel Maryhill Caged Heeled Sandals £90

We hope you’re packed and ready to go with our fabulous selection of Ravel shoes – take a look at the full ranges of women’s shoes available at Ravel for even more stylish options for your tropical getaway this summer.