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Can your shoes really give you food poisoning?

can your shoes give you food poisoning ravel

At Ravel we know the importance of finding that perfect pair of shoes which will see you through season to season with ease, but with much wear how clean do our shoes actually stay throughout their lifetime? We wanted to find out what germs may be lying undiscovered, so we put 10 pairs of a variety of styles including flat shoes and heels to the test to see just how clean our subjects really were (if you’re squeamish you may not want to read on any further).

soles of shoes dirt

What we found:

  • Unsurprising to most, the soles of shoes carry more germs than the upper
  • Appearances can be deceptive: whilst white shoes show the most visible dirt, black shoes have more bacteria, but just hide it better (so don’t judge a book by its cover!)
  • Leather is the better material over suede for keeping clean and carries less variety of germs (but we still love suede shoes regardless)
  • There is little difference between whether patent or matte leather carry more germs
  • Shoes worn on nights out attract more bacteria and fungi on the sole than those worn to the office, which had more bacteria to the upper
  • Whether a shoe is heeled or flat makes little difference to the germs found on the bottom of the shoe, the upper and sole material makes more impact
  • Most of the germs found on shoes are common and typically found on the skin and around the house
  • Of the bacteria found on the uppers and soles of our test shoes, staphylococcus was present in 9 of 10 of them. staphylococcus is a type of bacteria that can cause sores or blisters and in extreme cases can result in toxic shock syndrome or food poisoning (a scary thought indeed!)
  • Many of the shoes showed very small amounts of bacteria known as micrococcus, this is typical bacteria found in soil, meat (it feeds on decomposing materials) and on human skin. Micrococcus can be an opportunistic pathogen to those with impaired immune systems (so keep your shoes clean to reduce the risk).

White or Black shoes?

black v white shoe germs petri dish
Black (left) vs white (right)

No, we weren’t deciding which colour to buy to suit our summer wardrobe (the answer is always both). The first test was to see the difference in white or black shoes, whether one carried more germs than the other. What was found was that while the white shoes we tested looked much dirtier, the black shoes carried more bacteria. This proves that just because your shoes may look clean doesn’t mean they necessarily are and you should ensure you clean them regularly to keep them in prime condition and reduce the potential germs carried.

black versus white
White vs black shoe soles

Patent or Matte Leather?

Patent (left) vs matte (right)

We also compared patent and matte leather shoes to see whether the shiny upper of the patent style was more or less likely to carry germs. You’ll be pleased to learn the results of testing both shoes showed that neither made much difference to the bacteria attracted. So when choosing whether to go for patent or matte based on which are easier to keep clean, there really isn’t much difference between the two, giving you all the more reason to get one of each for the new season!

patent matte leather loafers

Office or Party?

worn to work and night out petri dish
Worn to work (left) vs night out (right)

We know your best heels can get a little weathered over time, especially after making more than a few appearances on nights out and at parties, however does this mean they have more germs on average than your typical work shoes? We wanted to find out and looked at shoes worn for both occasions. The results proved both environments had their pros and cons, as the shoes worn to the office had less bacteria on the sole but more on the upper and vice versa for the night out shoes. It seems the office is a better environment for keeping the soles germ-free and the night out setting of bars and clubs better for keeping the upper clean (as long as you don’t spill any drinks on them).

office party shoes heels

Suede or Leather?

suede v leather boots petri dish
Suede (left) vs leather (right)

Suede is one of those fabrics that can be tricky to clean and we all know that opting for the wrong cleaning materials can result in ruining the material which, let’s face it, could lead to some suede shoe owners not cleaning their footwear frequently. When compared against leather boots, the suede boots were found to have a greater variety of germs present on the upper, reconfirming that leather is the easier material to keep clean. This makes sense as leather can be much more easily wiped down, whereas suede takes a little more know-how to keep in optimum condition.

sole suede boots
Suede boots
leather boots sole
Leather boots

Heels or flats?

heels vs flats bacteria petri dish
Heels (left) vs flats (right)

The soles of heeled shoes can vary, as with flats, so we looked at staple styles for each to test for germs. There was bacteria found on both soles of the heels and flats, in similar varieties, which tells use there is little difference in whether heels or flats are easier to keep clean (so no need to ditch your heels just yet). This could be more to do with the materials versus the structure of the shoe itself. Previous tests showed that the fabric makes the most difference in how much dirt and bacteria is held on the shoe, as well as the conditions worn in.

heels vs flats

Upper or sole?

suede leather boots

Unsurprisingly the bottom of most shoes tested had more variety and quantity of germs versus the uppers. Some of our tested shoes had both bacteria and fungi on the bottom, with the odd case of mould (gross, we know). As you walk outside it’s expected the soles of your shoes may pick up some germs, just be sure to avoid tracking them back into the house and cleaning your shoes regularly to avoid spreading any germs.

So, are you tempted to clean your shoes more often? We certainly are!

Fashion Footwear Ravel SUMMER SANDALS

SS19 footwear arrives at Ravel

ravel ss19 collection

The latest SS19 collection has just launched at Ravel and we can’t wait to show you the new styles added. The SS19 collection gives a nod to the key looks of the season: vibrant contrast colours, soft metallics and animal prints. Designs flourish across elegant evening wear and versatile everyday sandals, exuding a new season confidence that will propel stylish women from AM to PM with ease!

Inspired by a return to basics and living in harmony with the land, this season we take it back to where the aesthetic is untreated with a neutral palette celebrating the diversity of the world.

Ravel has the perfect spring/summer shoes that will take you from poolside to beach bar and beyond. Our collection includes shoes to suit all preferences including; flats, heels, slingbacks and slip-ons. Take a look at our breakdown of the newest trends to shop now.

celmont colour block blue sandals

Mexican Street Party


The new range draws on the colours and textures of a Mexican street party, think vibrant and confident. ‘Fiesta’ brings the festival feel to your summer footwear and features multi-coloured weaved and vibrant satin uppers, tassel detailing and hurrache styling which are influenced by the artisanal details and vibrant hues of Mexico.

A summer fling for your feet, this collection includes essential styles such as the simple to slip-on Dania and the bold and elevating Dixie which offers added height with a block wedge heel. Also colourful is the smaller heeled Celmont, which features a detailed colour block heel in woven material.

zebra print manatee sandals ravel

Animal Prints

Some animal print sandals, such as leopard print, have been consistently on-trend for decades but others have joined them for the new season’s aesthetic. Zebra print is a trend you can expect to see everywhere this year and at Ravel this is no exception. The Manatee takes on the monochrome print effortlessly for a fashionable sandal you’ll want to wear throughout your summer endeavours. Leopard print gets a rework in our pony leather Franklin.

metallic silver wedge heels ravel

Day to Night Metallics

Our collection of metallic sandals were just made for nights out on holiday. A silver strappy option like the Jackson tick both heel and gladiator trends off in one, whilst the Yulee  and Dixie sandals both offer a wedge heel, with the Yulee also providing pretty embellishment for a stunning result.

Pair our shimmering metallic sandals with a metallic clutch bag for a glam look or simply add to a simple dress for daytime chic.

black patent barton block low heel shoes ravel

Block Heels and Classic Shoes

The SS19 collection doesn’t just include sandals, we also have fresh takes on classic silhouettes such as court shoes and slingbacks for the new season. The court shoe gets a contemporary update with the addition of a block heel in our covetable Barton style, looking for a higher heel? Take a look at the taller Baldwin version.

The slingback also gets a block heel iteration in our Highlands shoe, which comes in a colour clashing fuschia with orange trim and a bold leopard print.

Traditional court shoes with a slimmer heel are also available, see our recurring Edson shoe for an array of colours and designs from denim to mesh.

Last but not least is our Brooker loafer, which updates the typical shape with a backless design to make it a slip-on fit. The Brooker has a suede upper which sumptuously soft for a comfortable fit and comes in a selection of colours and prints.


What’s Your Number? Confessions of the Sole.

Be honest. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

It’s OK, nobody’s judging. We understand better than most just how addictive shoe shopping can be. But we don’t just want to know how many of you are hoarding the heels and stockpiling the sandals. We want to know how many of your shoes you actually wear, and how much you’re spending on them.

Are the stereotypes true? Do most UK women buy shoes only to keep them in boxes, never to be worn?

To find out, we asked over 1000 UK women a series of questions about their shoe-buying habits, and the results are in:


So, how many do you own?

The majority of our ladies told us their shoe collection consists of 11-20 pairs, with 40 per cent giving this figure. Meanwhile, just over a fifth of women reported owning a sizeable selection of 21-30 pairs, which should safely see them through any occasion known to (wo)man.

And yes, there are some who take it several steps further:

10 per cent of our ladies own a whopping 31-40 pairs of shoes, and just under five per cent are harbouring up to 50 pairs, leaving us suitably impressed at their commitment to footwear variety.

On the other end of the scale, we found that a surprisingly large proportion of women (a fifth to be exact) own a much more conservative 0-10 pairs of shoes. Whether due to a lack of interest, a smaller budget or simply a storage issue, these cautious shoe shoppers certainly challenge the ‘women are obsessed with shoes’ stereotype.


But how many do you wear?

So, we know that the majority of women own anything between 11 and 30 pairs of shoes, which is a hefty number. But we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out how many of these shoes ever actually see daylight.

If you can believe it, over half (54 per cent) of our ladies admitted that they wear fewer than five pairs from their shoe collections on a regular basis. So for the average 21-shoe collection, that’s less than a quarter making it out of the wardrobe.

The second largest proportion of the women we surveyed (35.7 per cent) said they wore 6-10 pairs out of their collection regularly. This still only amounts to around half of the average shoe collection.

But we’re not done.


We also asked if anyone had ever bought a pair of shoes only to never wear them. An astonishing 58 per cent answered yes, they’ve still got at least one pair of shoes they haven’t even taken out of the box, let alone worn.

But why?


That’s the reason most women gave for neglecting a large chunk of their shoe collection. 59 per cent say the main reason that stops them from wearing certain pairs of shoes is that they’re simply too uncomfortable.

We’ve all been there. It hurts to wear them, but it hurts even more to accept the fact that we can never wear them again.

The second biggest reason for so many shoes going un-worn so often is a very practical one: They’re seasonal. 38 per cent of our ladies said seasonality plays a big part in how often they wear certain pairs of shoes. And that’s absolutely fair enough; we wouldn’t wear strappy sandals in the depths of winter either.

After seasonality, our survey revealed that struggling to match a pair of shoes to an outfit is the third biggest reason why some get abandoned, with 16 per cent of the vote. Sometimes a pair of shoes will steal your heart on first sight, but they simply don’t go with anything in your wardrobe. It’s a sorry state of affairs, but it happens.


The finances

So with well over half of women admitting to never even wearing some of the shoes they buy, we were curious to know just how much is being spent on them in the first place.

Our survey revealed that the majority of women (65 per cent) buy fewer than five pairs of shoes in a year, and the highest proportion (46 per cent)  will spend between £31 and £60 on each pair.

On the whole, we’ve found that the average UK woman will spend roughly £250 per year on new shoes, with each pair costing on average £45.

So, if we take our average woman owning around 21 pairs of shoes and only wearing 5 of them regularly, we’re potentially looking at a staggering £720 worth of shoes gathering dust at the bottom of the UK’s wardrobes.

So it appears that the stereotypes do have an element of truth to them. Over half of women do in fact spend lots of money on shoes, only to keep them in boxes with no intention of wearing them.

But really, where’s the harm in that? If you want rows and rows of beautiful shoes that you’d rather keep in perfect condition, then that’s your prerogative.  


Survey Methodology

In this survey, we asked 1626 females a series of questions on how many shoes they own, how many they wear and how much they spend. To retrieve our data, we gave each participant a multiple-choice survey which they could use to select the most appropriate answer based on their shoe collection and buying habits.

Footwear Ravel

The Ravel x V&A Women’s Footwear Collaboration


A wonderful collaboration of two British brands brings an assemblage of vibrant prints, inspired by the fabulous ‘70s. Ravel and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design, bring you an exclusive collection inspired by the V&A’s archive of distinctive and popular 20th century textile designs. Created for SS17, the capsule collection of four classic styles includes a heeled court shoe, a block heeled sandal, a summer wedge and a structured flat shoe. In this ladies footwear range there really is a shoe style for everyone!

This exciting and innovative collection of women’s shoes is based around a striking floral and geometric print – both hand selected from the museum’s archive by the Ravel and V&A team. We wanted to encapsulate a summer print that would brighten up an outfit and bring life to ordinary shoe designs, making them a statement footwear option for those wanting something more from their everyday shoe, whether for work or play.

Taking influence from the 70s, a decade when Ravel was Carnaby Street’s top footwear destination, this range features fun, bright prints by renowned artist Mary Yonge (1908-2010) that successfully reflect Ravel’s signature sharp sense of style. Yonge taught at the Central School of Arts and Design and had a long and successful career designing bold and exciting fashion and furnishing prints for the major textiles manufacturers of the time. By turning her patterns into everyday footwear, it’s possible to enjoy the unique prints as not only works of art, but as practical items too.

Yonge’s striking textiles have been injected into the Ravel SS17 collection, including a brightly coloured pattern, composed of densely-packed flowers in pink and red paint, against an orange background, also composed of petal-like shapes. This floral pattern is ideal for summertime and we can just envisage them being teamed with floaty maxi dresses or capri pants for that holiday look. This collection of ladies footwear is a dream range for those who covet the popular bohemian trends of the groovy 70’s decade.

The below pattern draws heavily from the 70’s with bold colour blocking designs, composed of turquoise hexagons of increasing size arranged in rows, first alternating with brown diamonds, then surrounded by brown hexagons which form a connected lattice. This geometric pattern is very on-trend with modern fashion footwear, and the different shoe styles on offer means that you can choose to wear the same design in various situations and occasions. The court shoe and flat pump will deliver a delightful touch of subtle colour to a work day outfit, whilst the heeled sandal and wedges will give an extra style boost to casual outfits. Team with your favourite pair of skinny jeans or a midi length skirt to get the most out of these V&A shoes.

The Ravel design team worked closely with the V&A to retain the authenticity of the original printed fabrics and designed, and each pattern has been artfully re-imagined, with no compromise on the design or quality of the materials used to create each pair of shoes.

One of the more unexpected of designs in this fabulous V&A museum collaboration with Ravel is the pointed toe court shoes in a classic nude patent finish and distinctive red floral print lining reflected in the other V&A footwear pattern. These beautiful pointed toe court shoes are perfect for working into an office wardrobe due to their smart appearance and ability to be styled with any outfit. The mid heel offers just the right amount of height whilst the bohemian interior lining retains an amount of personality. Every woman needs a versatile shoe that will be comfortable and fashionable in equal measures, and we believe this V&A nude patent shoe is right on the money in terms of classic silhouette with an injection of retro decorative design.

If you’re a fan of 70s fashion, art and footwear, then the Ravel x V&A ladies footwear collection will be perfect for you! With the fashionable throwback inspiration behind the designs and created from high quality materials, each shoe is a versatile footwear option for any woman. From bohemian floral patterns to geometric inspired prints and a neutral shoe that every woman should have in her collection, there’s a style for everyone.

Take a closer look at the range to discover your favourite shoe design in one of the superb patterns taken straight from the famous museum’s archive and receive free UK delivery with your order.

Fashion Footwear Ravel

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Office Outfit

It can be difficult to add seasonal changes to an office outfit, especially if there is a certain dress code in place. This summer however, you needn’t feel stuck in a rut with your outfit choices whilst at work because at Ravel we’ve got some excellent ways to brighten up your office outfit.

Firstly, let’s consider the popular summer shades that have the potential to work well as office attire when incorporated correctly:

  • Coral – A summer staple and an all round flattering colour on every skintone.
  • Green – One of the most popular shades for 2017 due to Pantone choosing it as their ‘Colour of The Year’ – from emerald green to lime green, it’s all groovy.
  • Pink – Not just any pink, but ‘millennial pink’ which is the shade everyone has been swooning over. It’s a beautiful dusky rose.
  • Blue – A whole spectrum of blue is perfect for summer, from cool water light blue to modern navy.

Now we have a colour palette in mind for ways to brighten up an office outfit, it’s time to take a look at our suggestions!

1. Sun-inspired accessories

An inexpensive way to update an otherwise plain work outfit is to treat yourself to some stylish accessories. As summer is all about embracing a new colour palette, accessories is a fabulous method of incorporating shades into your everyday work look. Plastic jewellery such as bangles or beads can radiate a bright colour especially well. A beautiful statement necklace can add extra style whilst also being eye-catching – the perfect finishing touch.

If you love your designer handbags but tend to steer towards a ‘safe’ colour such as black or navy, take it to another level by investing in an on-trend metallic bag or looking for a python print that will add a little something extra to create a fashion forward work ensemble.

If you’re not too keen on bright pops of colour in your accessories, you could simply layer up or coordinate your jewellery. For example, as rose gold is very much still in fashion, match a pair of rose gold earrings with a rose gold bracelet and necklace. You could also opt for a watch that has a coloured dial face. Another way to accessorise can be to layer necklaces or bracelets, or even ‘stack’ multiple rings onto one finger. It’s a subtle detail that will still be noticed, without being too overpowering.

2. Summer footwear

Here at Ravel we believe that a good pair of shoes can change your entire mood, whatever the occasion. When you’re wearing uninspiring footwear for work, you just might feel that your whole outfit isn’t as great as you want it to be!

For those who prefer a bit of height to their everyday shoe, we suggest working the combination style of a wedge and espadrille for summertime. A wedge espadrille can make you feel summery even when you’re sat inside enjoying the office air con, and we have a number of espadrille wedges to take your fancy here at Ravel. Choose from black, navy or coral coloured wedge espadrilles for assured style that can be worn with skirts and trousers.

If there’s no policy on open toe shoes in your office, then hurrah! This summer calls for a stylish sandal that can add a spring to your step from the photocopier to your desk. Get on board with the ever so popular embroidery trend with the Ravel Savannah flat sandals in white leather with beautiful floral embroidered detailing, or swap your usual black footwear for a more summer season appropriate hue with the Ravel Anderson strappy sandals in tan. Bring the timeless denim trend into the office without wearing jeans by opting for the Ravel Ritzville flat sandals in blue denim which can be worn from desk to cocktails with friends!

3. Embrace prints

It’s such a classic look but animal prints and other creative patterns can work wonders to bring an outfit right up to date. Subtle pops of leopard print or Aztec print fit right in with summer wardrobes and can be styled effortlessly for work too! Our V&A footwear collaboration will suit those who seek some exceptional prints due to the patterns that are taken directly from an artist’s work from the V&A archive. We love that the V&A footwear takes a print and makes it work perfectly on different footwear styles, such as ballet pumps, wedges, pointed court shoes and sandals. The V&A women’s shoes with the red rose pattern would be a wonderful pop of colour for an otherwise plain work outfit, as would the intriguing 70s inspired print with browns and turquoise colour scheme. The flat pumps and pointed court shoes are absolutely ideal for the work environment.

4. Lighten your wardrobe

An obvious yet failsafe method of brightening your work outfit options is to invest in a summer work wardrobe. Trade the darker colours with lighter ones, or opt for light shades of your current favourites if you don’t want to step too far outside of your comfort zone. The ‘millennial pink’ is a popular top colour, whilst textures such as ruffles are an important summertime detail not to miss out on. Similarly, with the prints mentioned above, a patterned shirt can really bring some elevated style to your look as a welcome summertime outfit option for work. From polka dots to paisley, something that will bring your outfit to life is exactly what you need! If you’re feeling daring, why not try out a white trouser suit?

5. Nail it at work

The power of a good manicure and pedicure should never be underestimated. Bright colours on the fingernails (and toes if they’re being shown off in sandals) can lift your mood whilst adding to an overall outfit. If you’re current work wardrobe is tethered to the usual colour scheme of greys, creams, black and white, then temporary changes such as painted nails can go a long way into brightening up the look, even if it is subtle! Whilst red will always be a staple nail varnish shade, try a vibrant turquoise or coral nail varnish for summer that will contrast wonderfully against a grey or navy jacket, or select a lovely lilac nail polish shade that will bring a touch of femininity to your office outfit.

Brighten your work outfit this summer with Ravel and take a look at our popular range of sandals, flat pumps and wedge espadrilles to add some seasonal updates to your footwear collection.

Footwear SS17

How To Style Summer Wedges

Wedges are undoubtedly the shoe of the summer season, with their wonderful supportive wedge heel that brings a more casual approach to the stiletto heeled shoe. Many wedges have the open toe look which is the perfect chance to show off a summer pedicure! Here at Ravel we have some fashionable ladies wedge sandals available in various patterns and designs that we think you’ll love.

Not only do we stock the means for you to be footwear ready for summer, we’re also keen to show you our favourite ways to style wedges to give you some inspiration when it comes to teaming your Ravel wedges with a summertime outfit. We’ve got some wonderfully designed wedge sandals for you to work into your summer wardrobe, created from high quality materials such as supple suede and faux leather with the distinctive cork effect wedge. An absolute ladies footwear classic; the wedge is ready for it’s close up this season.

Statement patterned wedges

What better time to make a floral statement than summertime? Here at Ravel we have some excellent patterned wedges from our collaboration with the V&A museum which are statement making and on-trend. There’s a choice of a red petal floral pattern or a 70s inspired print that is ideal for bohemian fashion loving ladies.

Patterned footwear or shoes which demand attention work best when styled with toned down clothes. These shoes need their own space to shine! A good way to work out how best to style a patterned wedge is to pick a colour from the pattern and incorporate that shade into your outfit, whether it’s by opting for a matching bag or top in the same colour. This will make your outfit look a lot more refined, and will also jazz up the look if you’re not keen on going with a totally plain outfit. With our Ravel V&A footwear, select the summery orange shade to work into your look, or the light blue from the 70’s print. Look for a camisole in these shades and pair with a linen pencil skirt to perfectly coordinate your summer outfit, all ready for a weekend BBQ or an evening date night.

Plain wedges for easy styling

Styling a pair of plain wedges means there’s much more freedom when it comes to choosing a complete outfit; your look won’t be competing with the pattern on your feet! Too many prints or patterns can appear overwhelming, and if you’re not about that vibe, one-colour wedges will be ideal for you. They can be your go to pair of summer shoes this season due to their styling versatility, so just one pair of wedges will be all you need to pack before jetting off to warmer climes.

Another shoe that returns for it’s summer appearance is the quintessential summer shoe – the espadrille. Here at Ravel, we love design innovation which is why we can’t get enough of our espadrille wedge sandal hybrid! Taking all of the best design points from each shoe style – rope wedge and suede or leather upper – you’ve got a ready-made summer shoe just waiting to get it’s chance to see the sun! These light shoes are ideal for teaming with maxi skirts or halter neck dresses of any pattern due to their plain finishes. Opt for the summer coral shade for holiday adventures, or stick with an on trend blue shade for a subtle injection of colour.

Neutral wedges that go with everything

A neutral coloured wedge sandal is an essential footwear addition due to the ability to style them with patterns and different coloured clothing. Opting for a tan sandal or a neutral coloured wedge is appropriately on-trend, ensuring that they look modern season after season. We have the gorgeous Ravel Cutler wedge sandal in tan suede that has metal stud detailing for an edgy look, the Ravel Gratz wedge with a woven pattern high heel and the Ravel Westport in a python print with a classic T-bar fastening to get you on board with this look. The various shades of tan and nude work well with just about any coloured dress, skirt or pair of trousers, but we love the contrasting look of tan and black, so team your pair of tan wedge sandals with a black maxi dress or jumpsuit and finish with a patterned tote bag for effortless summer chic.

Pop a pair of Ravel wedges and wedge sandals into your suitcase for your summer holiday this year or simply make them your go-to shoe for the warmer season. Offering a bit more glam than the regular flat sandal, a wedge heel can take your look from drab to fab in seconds. With our range of fashionable wedges there’s plenty of styling options to be discovered!

Purchase your brand new summer shoes with us today and receive free UK delivery.

Fashion Footwear SS17

Step Into Summer Shoes with Ravel


When Summer lifts its weary head after a long winter, we all step outside into the sunshine looking forward to the day ahead. Not only is the weather an improvement, you have a whole new wardrobe to wear again! Even better is when you’ve got the perfect summer holiday booked. So shed the layers and grab a pair of these sandals to go with your fresh pedicure this holiday season.

Street-side Sandals

When the sun comes out, be ready for the day with our selection of women’s flat sandals. Accessorise aztec-style with our Ravel Jefferson Embellished Flat Sandals in red or tan leather and go from city to beach with one click of your heel. For the perfect city escape footwear, choose the Ravel Ritzville Flat Sandals in Snake Print. The extra security of the double strap will help you meander through the crowds with ease. When looking for a sandal to go from day to night, this classic look Ravel Moab Flat Sandal in Black Leather combines that all important comfort and style combination. The large buckles paired with the clean cut leather makes for a simple yet bold accessory for all-day pursuits.

Ravel Jefferson Embellished Flat Sandals £50, Ravel Ritzvile Flat Sandal £70, Ravel Moab Flat Sandal £55

The Midi Movers

When spending the summer jet-setting across the world, we understand a little height goes a long way. Leave the sky-highs at home and pair that yellow sundress with the Ravel Rockwall Wedge Sandals in Zebra/Pony Leather. Being bold has never felt more comfortable. With the wedge heel raise and soft leather insert, your feet will carry you from waiting lounge to sun lounger with ease. Take the scenic route in your open top rental and tour the vineyard before dining with a bottle of the local wine in our beautiful Ravel Sherma Block Mid-Heel Sandals in Black Leather. These sandals are made for walking new paths, with a low rise heel and adjustable ankle strap, they’ll support any adventure. Visit the sites and absorb the culture from head to toe in our collaboration Ravel V&A Louise Block Mid-Heel in Red/Floral. As your eyes take in the grandeur of the Italian architecture your feet will make a statement of their own, bringing the 70’s, Ravel and Victoria & Albert together in these unique designs. The soft textile straps, combined with blue trim, boast that kind-to-feet style.

Ravel Rockwall Wedge Sandall £55, Ravel Sherma Block Mid-Heel Sandals £70, Ravel V&A Louise Block Mid-Heel £80

Wistful Heights

When a spontaneous barbecue sends you to your family’s garden, prime your feet in these Ravel Cutler Wedge Sandal in Tan Suede. The wedged platform heel gives the elevated support you need to step from grass to decking without dropping your glass of Pimm’s. Go from sports day spectator to play-date host with these Ravel V&A Beatrice Wedge Sandals in Red/Floral. The wooden wedge heel gives you the height to see over the other supporters, as you watch the egg and spoon race at a safe enough distance from splatters. As the city-side music festival becomes more popular against muddy tented affairs, it is good to know we’ve got the perfect heel for dancing amongst the crowds. The Ravel Gratz Wedge Sandal’s soft leather wrap around ankle strap gives you the freedom to move, whilst keeping you grounded. For more festival footwear, check out our post on the best festival footwear.

Ravel Cutler Wedge Sandal £80, Ravel V&A Beatrice Wedge £95, Ravel Gratz Wedge £75

Party Peepers

It’s cocktail season, so it is your summer duty to check in to the local speakeasy and sip a Gin Rickey with a pair of towering heels. With the central tassels and on trend T-bar strap, the Ravel Cleveland Heeled Pewter Sandals will add a shimmy to your step. Your cousin’s wedding in July can only mean one thing: a brand new outfit! Use this season’s brights to really make a statement, in these Ravel Berkley Heeled Sandals in Fuchsia/Orange. With the bold zig zag trim on the front strap and sharp stiletto heel, you will be sure to stand out. Guess what? It’s the 27th year since the 80’s ended, but it’s having a revival and we think you should wear these Ravel Maryhill Caged Heeled Sandals in Black to the birthday party. These stilettos don’t come with a warning label, but with the slim strapped caged design for support, they won’t need to. Summer safety ladies!

Ravel Cleveland Heeled Pewter Sandals £75, Ravel Berkley Heeled Sandals £85, Ravel Maryhill Caged Heeled Sandals £90

We hope you’re packed and ready to go with our fabulous selection of Ravel shoes – take a look at the full ranges of women’s shoes available at Ravel for even more stylish options for your tropical getaway this summer.

Fashion Footwear SS17

Fabulous Festival Footwear

Festival season is almost upon us and as expected, our thoughts are all about what footwear to take to an outdoor festival. With British festivals, it can go both ways due to the unpredictable weather we are accustomed to; will we be trudging through the mud to see our favourite band or frolicking in the sunshine beside the stage? We’re praying for dry weather this festival season so we can bring out our favourite flat sandals from Ravel! We’ve put together a festival footwear guide to cover all bases, just remember to pack your wellies in case of inclement weather!

These boots are made for walking

A comfortable pair of boots are the perfect footwear option for festivals; not only do they look fashionable, but they can be useful when the weather isn’t too great. Opt for an ankle boot with a low heel for a comfortable feeling all day (or night) long. Our range of flat boots here at Ravel include some classic designs, such as the Ravel Johnson ankle chelsea boots available in black and brown leather. Crafted with Micro-Fresh technology, these boots will stay odour free for longer – just what you need when you’re facing a few days sans shower! The pull up tabs on the back of each shoe makes them easy slide on. With a supple leather upper and stunning tweed detailing on the elasticated side panels, this ankle boot oozes quality in every way. For an updated take on the Chelsea boot, we have the Ravel Roseburg ankle boots in black suede with double leather strap and buckle detail. Effortlessly chic, these boots are a sound alternative. The Chelsea boot is a timeless festival footwear option that can be worn with skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt for a gig-ready outfit.

For a feminine touch, we love the Ravel Turner ankle boots which has beautiful floral embroidery on tan coloured soft suede. With the wooden block heel and wide top, this style of women’s boots has a definite Western feel to it. Pair these suede ankle boots with a maxi skirt or dress with a denim jacket for a bohemian festival look.

Ravel Johnson Chelsea Boots £65, Ravel Roseburg Ankle Boots £90 & Ravel Turner Ankle Boots £80

A pair of knee high boots can also be a stylish alternative to wellies – providing that it isn’t too muddy of course! Knee high boots look fabulous teamed with a pair of shorts and long socks, as seen on festival queen and supermodel Kate Moss. Again, it’s a good idea to opt for a flat boot for comfort. For a classic over the knee boot option, we suggest the Ravel Floyd in black suede with a simple round toe, or go for a versatile tan leather knee high boot such as the Ravel Markham. Knee high boots are a great investment as they will last long past the festival season and will become your go-to footwear choice for autumn.

Ravel Markham Knee High Boots £125 & Ravel Floyd Over The Knee Boots £99


Believe it or not, sometimes it’s not all mud and rain at British festivals. If you’re heading to the infamous Glastonbury festival in June, take a break from the wellies and add some Ravel Moab flat sandals to your rucksack for those days when the land is dry and the sun is shining. The flat sandals in silver leather are in tune with the popular metallic trend that is everywhere this season with it’s distinctive reflective finish. Plus, the razor tooth effect sole provides extra grip for walks over unsteady terrain back to your tent! For a total fusion of current trends, we recommend the Ravel Rockwall wedge sandals which display two trends in one – metallics and animal print. Opt for classic leopard print or zebra print in pony leather for a simple, slip on sandal that will lend itself to plenty of different outfit options. Show off your summer pedicure with our collection of women’s open-toe flat sandals which are bang on-trend for the warmer season.

Ravel Moab Flat Sandals £55 & Ravel Rockwall Wedge Sandals £55

Whether you’re heading to the countryside for a family friendly festival such as Latitude, or opting for a big stage on a city green like the Parklife Weekender, at Ravel we’ve got all of your festival footwear options covered with our fantastic ranges of women’s boots and flat sandals. Take a look and pick your favourites today to receive free delivery!

Footwear Ravel SS17

SS17 has landed!!

Ladies! Our SS17 collection has landed! Here’s what to expect…

The sensational SS17 range from Ravel brings an assemblage of exotic and vibrant prints with textured detailing incorporated in bohemian platforms, sleek stiletto heels, fabulous flats and sumptuous block heels.

Channeling a bohemian ‘70s vibe, the new range encapsulates tribal woven textiles, floral prints, beading and leatherwork, combined to create a hand-made aesthetic to lace-up heeled and flat sandals.

Vintage boho beach reigns supreme in the form of retro nautical uppers to high summer wedge and platform heels with rope detailing and a pastel palette to create a nostalgic feel. Washed finish textiles and woven stripes give a rich depth to materials.

Metallic shades lend a touch of luxe to loafers and lace-up brogues, combining hand crafted techniques with chunky metal fastenings. Reverse seams and natural cork are juxtaposed with metal eyelets and chunky zips. Animal print uppers add a touch of exotic to high summer options, giving some serious sass to the collection.

Calling upon the linear art deco architecture and pastel palette of Miami Beach, perforated suedes, elastics and colour blocking, along with unexpected colour pops bring a sporty aesthetic, ensuring Ravel’s SS17 range offers footwear you can have plenty of fun with!


AW16 Fashion Footwear Ravel

Ravel’s AW16 styles have landed!

Ravel remains at the forefront of fashion forward footwear for AW16 with a savvy collection of sumptuous boot and shoe styles. This season is all about texture, detail and a rich autumnal palette for chic day-to-night styling.

The collection centres around subtle details and bold silhouettes, with oxblood, navy and rich browns for the season ahead. Think chic ankle boots adorned with studs, zips and buckle features, finished in sumptuous velvet. Expect classic courts and plenty of platform heels for the party season. Knee high boots with serious attitude will keep your style credentials soaring, with added detail in the form of fur trims.

Glitzy gold detailing is back in the spotlight, featuring heavily across the collection, promising to add plenty of sparkle to an autumn/winter wardrobe.