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Trend focus: Boho-chic

Boho-chic is often described as a style that combines hippie and bohemian styles to create an influential and unique new look. Now that it’s back in style this season, we thought we’d revisit the timeless classic and explore its history. Ravel has put together a guide to help you understand the trend in more detail.

Where did the name ‘Boho-chic’ originate?

Essentially it came from the word ‘Bohemian’, which as we all know means to practice an unconventional lifestyle, usually including ties like art and music. A person who follows Bohemianism is often described as an adventurer or a wanderer, you can see where the relaxed, hippie inspiration for the look came from. Boho is an abbreviation of Bohemian and chic is a French word that has become second nature in the English language, standing for ‘style’ or ‘elegance’.

How was the term ‘Boho-chic’ created?

There are a few disputes about how Boho-chic was formed and when it began, but what we do know is that there are a few stand-out times and influential people that it can be attributed to. For example, Sienna Miller’s appearance at Glastonbury Festival in 2004 became known as a birthplace for Boho-chic, taking into account some elements of the hippie styles also at the festival. The following summer in 2005, the British high street was full of pieces that would typically be associated with Miller. Things like ‘floaty’ skirts, embroidered tunics, faux-coin belts, UGG boots, furry gilets and others were prominent.

Others believe that the term came to show long before that, but there’s little evidence. What we do know is that Boho-chic has repeatedly resurfaced in the fashion industry through different guises, so it’s possible that a variation of the style was created before the 2000s.

How has it changed since then?

We’ve come a long way since Boho-chic hit the market. Although it was claimed that ‘Boho is over’ by The Times’ style director in 2006, many of the designs and influences that we have come to know and love as Boho were in fashion the year later, and this style was called ‘folk’. It was clear that folk had taken a lot of inspiration from Boho, from the flouncy skirts to hemmed dresses. This was popular until early 2008 when it turned into a ‘rock’ inspired look, as stylised by influencers like Nicole Scherzinger and twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

In short, it’s clear to see that Boho-chic has dominated the UK fashion scene for the past decade and even further, reappearing in many different forms and varieties. If you want to recreate a Boho-inspired look this autumn and winter, then maybe our Ravel ankle boots are just what you need?